Melanie Balaz

Code | Art | Design

I like to tell stories...

I am an IT Student from Vienna, Austria, getting involved in all sorts of things, head full of project ideas I am trying to make happen. Code, Design, Illustration and Photography are ways to express those ideas, to tell a story with.

Here are some things I am passionate about:

  • Clean Code
  • Genetics/Biology
  • Computer Networks
  • Photography/Video
  • Design/Illustration
  • Web Development
  • Organizing events
  • Challenges
  • Writing


I have always enjoyed speaking in foreign languages, and to me code has become a great tool of explaining, building and telling stories. I like my code clean, and I try to stick to the S.O.L.I.D principles whenever I can. Technology to me is much more than just lines of code, it is a wonderful tool for getting people together, for sharing knowledge and for solving puzzles.

Have a look at some technology projects I made or was involved in.
You can find more on my github.

Robot project

IOT Application

IntoTech conference


Since I was little I was often seen running around with a camera in hand. I love taking photographs, and having photoshootings with people. I enjoy both analoge and digital photography, and developing my own film in the darkroom.

You can find more on my ViewBug or my Facebook Page .


I have experience with working with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and over the years I have done a few smaller graphic design jobs. I have created Logos, Flyers, Webdesigns and Pictograms and even though I am not trying to work as a graphic designer anymore, I try to keep up by practicing once in a while.


I like adding an illustrated touch to graphic design projects, and I enjoy working with different media. Whether it is a digital painting, a vector graphic or a pen&paper sketch. I have illustrated book covers, created my own graphic novel with aquarell colors, created a few acrylic paintings and filled a couple of sketchbooks.